God is alive & answering my prayers

Hello Everyone! My name is Kirsty and I would like to share one of the key moments in my life where God has answered my prayers and the effect this has had on myself and those I love.

My Wedding Dress 🙂

As many married ladies will remember, and many future brides out there will relate to, choosing a wedding gown has to be top of the list as being one of the most stressful times in your life! You have immense pressure to look your absolute best and within a reasonable price range…two things which obviously don’t normally go hand in hand. I, like many, was visiting many different stores and trying multiple dresses on, which starts out as an exciting experience but over time it became more and more negative due to me expecting to fail. Fortunately whilst dating my husband, we had given our lives to Christ and I was developing a relationship with God. I shall never forget the moment that I gave this problem to God, by praying to Him and asking for His help. It may seem like such a superficial thing to ask God to do, but I do not see it as such because marriage is so important to our God as well! He values it more than we know. I was travelling in the car on the way to the dress shop and I prayed very hard, full of my emotion and heart. God of course listened to me and amazingly blessed me with my wedding dress that very morning! He made it extremely obvious which was the chosen one, as soon as my eyes were upon it. I had an overwhelming feeling of joy and love and the best feeling in the world was to know that God answered my prayer. I felt such relief and gratitude especially in Him responding so quickly!

I hope that when you read my short testimony, you see the importance of keeping a strong relationship with God. Its not enough just to believe, you need to work hard at communicating with Him properly so He can show His works through you and those around you.

Glory be to God!

P.S More short testimonies coming soon…

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  1. Wow, that is a really inspiring story of how GOD answered a prayer of yours that meant so much to you! It just shows how our GOD is a personal GOD who knows the desires of our heart. Amen and I look forward to seeing more testimonies from you ?

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